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AB Magazine 1 yr subscription


$50 per year U.S. and Canada; $100 per year for readers in foreign countries (surface delivery); $190 per year for foreign air mail delivery service.


Single AB Magazine back issues

Quantity:  $6 each, except for the January edition Buyers Guide, which is $12.

Issue (month and year):


AB Video

Quantity:  $34.95. CA add 7.25% sales tax


Dictionary/Encyclopedia of Industrialized Housing

Quantity:  $49*,  CA add 7.25% sales tax

* You can also buy multiple copies at discount for distributing to your customers and prospects. CA residents add applicable sales tax. 6-10 copies = $46 ea., 11-15 copies = $44 ea., 16-25 copies = $42 ea., 26-50 copies = $39 ea., 51 copies or more = $34 ea. Students = $25 ea.


Book/How To Start an Inner City Housing Plant

Quantity: $25.00 each. CA add 7.25% sales tax


Book/SAVED Shelter All Victims of Emergency and Disasters

Quantity: $20 each. CA add 7.25% sales tax


Book/How and Why To Buy A Factory-Built Home

Quantity: $34.95 each. CA add 7.25% sales tax


On Line Advertising Banner

Quantity:  $300 (1 year)(web-ready to specifics)

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On Line Advertising Listing

Quantity:  $144 (1 year)




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