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    Products and Services

AB Magazine Subscription

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AB Video

AB Magazine Reprints

Dictionary/Encyclopedia of  Industrialized Housing

Book/How To Start an Inner City Housing Plant

SAVED Shelter All Victims of Emergencies and Disasters

How and Why To Buy A Factory-Built Home

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Market Research Service

Speakers Bureau

AB Magazine Subscription
Automated Builder Magazine is published on a monthly basis and is distributed free of charge in the United States to executive and management personnel upon written request in companies that are production (big volume) site builders, panelized home manufacturers, modular home manufacturers, special unit manufacturers, component manufacturers and HUD-Code, modular, panelized and commercial building dealers.

For industry subscriptions (free of charge) fill out this form.

Non-Qualified subscriptions: $60 per year U.S. and Canada; $200 per year for other foreign air mail. Single back copies are $10 each, except for the January edition Buyers Guide, which is $15.

For non-industry subscriptions:    go to .GIF (4329 bytes)


AB Video (Sorry, currently unavailable)
Written and narrated by AB Editor &Publisher Don O. Carlson, the first 15 minutes of the video tells the story of factory-built homes and commercial buildings. It’s an eye opening educational experience for employers, bankers, investors and the general public. The last ten minutes tells the dramatic story of the Automated Builder’s Consortium movement and how it is helping to rebuild inner cities from coast to coast. Total cost for this 25-minute journey through the wonderful world of industrialized building construction—only $34.95. (CA residents ad 7.25%).

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AB Magazine Reprints
If you have been featured in AB Magazine, reprints of the article can be a useful sales tool. Reprints are less expensive than ordering full copies of the magazine. Contact info@automatedbuilder.com


The First Edition
The Automated Builders Consortium and Book

A new, definitive book by Don O. Carlson, Editor & Publisher, Automated Builder abinner.gif (44947 bytes)

Only $25 S&H inc.
Add 7.25% sales tax to CA orders
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How to Start
An Inner City
Housing Plant

97 Pages of invaluable information, color photos and diagrams. Here are some of the key topics:

button2.gif (900 bytes)  What will you build?
button2.gif (900 bytes)   Determining community support
button2.gif (900 bytes)   Break-down of manufacturing costs
button2.gif (900 bytes)   Dealing with banks and mortgage companies
button2.gif (900 bytes)   Do you have the necessary market
button2.gif (900 bytes)   Panel and modular plant costs
button2.gif (900 bytes)   Advice on machine needs, and much more!

Carlson draws on 50 years of building industry journalism and six years of the Consortium movement experience to help answer your pressing start-up questions. He is helped by ABC members nationwide. Don’t visit your banker without it.


Dictionary/Encyclopedia of  Industrialized Housing

This book helps sell your buildings! And educates investors, bankers, friends and relatives. . . even your kids! More than 235 pages, 500 illustrations, and 2 ,500 defined terms! Chapters include:

Automated Building Today
Housing Production Statistics
The A to Z Advantages of Automated Building
The Production Builders
The Component Manufacturers
The Panelizers
The Modular Manufacturers
The Commercial Building Manufacturers
The HUD-Code Home Manufacturers
The Builders & Builder/Dealers
Third Party Inspection & Code Services
Exploding the 10 Myths About Factory-Built Homes
AB’s Achievement in Housing Award Winners
How New Is Industrialized Housing?
Truss Terms and Configurations
Housing Machine Tools
Materials Handling Equipment
Selected Plant Layouts

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Only $49* per copy. S&H inc.
Add 7.25% sales tax to CA orders

* You can also buy multiple copies at discount for distributing to your customers and prospects. CA residents add applicable sales tax. 6-10 copies = $46 ea., 11-15 copies = $44 ea., 16-25 copies = $42 ea., 26-50 copies = $39 ea., 51 copies or more = $34 ea. Students = $25 ea.

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helter All Victims of Emergencies and Disasters

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Only $20 S&H inc.
Add 7.25% sales tax to CA orders
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This booklet contains information and articles on the SAVED program of the Automated Builders Consortium, a non-profit association. 'SAVED' is an acronym that stands for Shelter All Victims of Emergencies and Disasters.This book is intended to give you names and addresses of firms covered in articles previously published in Automated Builder Magazine. Those firms can produce several types of shelter including emergency shelters, temporary housing and permanent replacement housing.

Full of color photos and descriptions of business

Written to give you information to make educated decisions on building projects.


How and Why To Build A Factory-Built Home
The new book that answers your customers' questions professionally--completely--convincingly

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Only $34.95 S&H inc.
Add 7.25% sales tax to CA orders
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Automated Builder Editor & Publisher Don O. Carlson draws from his almost half-century of covering in-plant home marketing and manufacturing to build a solid case for sales -- your sales. The scores of  four color photos of impressive factory-built homes plus the hard-hitting text comparing factory-built to site-built combine to turn skeptics into believers.
Don't you wonder why no one wrote this book before? The 100 - page volume is available now.

If you present copies to potential customers you can personalize your copies with a promo page in front, with "Compliments of (your name and address)" at only $2 per copy!

Quantity discount Prices to Help Sell Your Customers!

1 to 5 copies: $34.95 each
6 to 10 copies: $32.95 each
11 to 15 copies: $31.45 each
16 to 25 copies: $29.70 each
26 to 50 copies: $27.95 each
51 or more $24.45 each

Direct Mail Services
Automated Builder advertisers are eligible to rent all or portions of the Automated Builder circulation mailing list. The rental fee is $150 per 1,000 names ($150 minimum). The $150 rental fee includes: list rental, labels, affixing labels to materials, metering, bagging and mailing. Other services such as printing, folding, stuffing and pre-sorting are billed at cost. Postage and mailing list fees must be furnished in advance by the mailer for either first class or standard rate mail. Preferred material is material ready for addressing and mailing. List selections may be made from any of the 17 company categories, seven title categories, eight dollar-volume categories, and any geographic or zip code groups at no additional charge. See the current Automated Builder BPA Circulation Statement for selections and quantities. The number of uses of the Automated Builder mailing list may not exceed the number of ad insertions in a contract year. See the Print Ad Info link.

Market Research Services
The Automated Builder highly detailed circulation lists are available to advertisers and limited government and educational institutions for market research purposes. Automated Builder’s market research associate, the internationally known Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, Inc., Chicago, also is available to advertisers and others for in-depth studies in all phases of the industrialized/manufactured housing industry. At the present time, industrialized techniques are utilized in more than 90% of all the single-family homes and low-rise apartments constructed in the United States and Canada each year. Contact us.

Speakers Bureau
Editors and consultants from Automated Builder are available for limited speaking engagements for professional or general audiences. Contact us.



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