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BANNER ADVERTISING: Banners are placed at the top of the Annual Buyers Guide from the Industry Directories link, giving them maximum visibility. They are linked to your website or Email address. Banner ads run for a period of 12 months from insertion, for $12 per month, payable in advance by the year. Please submit your web-ready banner* with the following specifications:

Image area: 460 x 60 pixels (75 ppi) maximum.

File size: 15k maximum

Format: .gif or .jpg

Animations: No

Submit: floppy diskette formatted for PC or send electronically.

Banner Example:

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LISTINGS: Listings are placed alphabetically in the Annual Buyers Guide from the Industry Directories link. Although listing is free, there is a charge for linking your business to your website or & Email address. A contact information listing runs for 12 months from period of insertion for $12.00 per month payable in advance by the year.

Listing example:

Advanced Design Technology 23791 Highway 99W
Junction City OR 97448. 541-998-3176. Mike Hansen
button2.gif (900 bytes)  Web: http:www.advanced.org 
button2.gif (900 bytes)  Email:  Adv@home.org

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