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Automated Builder Magazine
has been in publication since 1964.This issue has many important articles for the industry.

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(1) Carlson's Column

(2) AB Exclusive: Best Seller Homes - Part II

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MAy 2009

Carlson’s Column

Obituary - Harry A Pride

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8......William S. Bobbitt, Founder and President of The Bobbitt Group, Elected 36th Winner of the 2009 James R.Price
/Automated Builder Achievement in Housing Award

9......Previous Winners of the Price/AB Achievement in Housing Award

10....William E. Poole Enters Modular Home Design with New HandCrafted Homes Offering

12....PCBC Celebrates 50th Anniversary June 17-19

13....Epoch Homes and Powerhouse Enterprises Build

First Green Modular PowerPod Units for Yellow Barn Music School Classrooms in Vermont

14....Customer Service Even More Important Today

15....Veteran Hoosier Home Builder

Delivers for New Orleans

16....Light, Strong and Secure Aluminum Under Stress

17....AB Exclusive: Best Seller Homes - Part II




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