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Market Coverage and Readership

Automated Builder is the leading housing technology transfer magazine available in the world today.

In its niche, it has no competition as a source of technical information to the automated building industry.

Automated Builder readers save their copies of the magazine, depend on it for product information, pass the magazine on to their associates, and act on information in the magazine when making purchases. And the great majority of Automated Builder readers have purchasing decision authority.

With a track record of 44+ years of cutting edge editorial coverage, Automated Builder’s readership is astonishingly intense. More than 78% of Automated Builder readers take some action on the advertising appearing in the publication. And it is not unusual for 400 readers to respond to an advertisement or editorial item. Since our average reader’s company builds 685 homes per year, that inquiry level represents 274,000 housing starts.

To keep our readers up to date on housing trends and technologies, Automated Builder is unequalled in its coverage of news and advances in building methods in the global marketplace—throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as in the leading housing producing nations overseas: Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Russia, UAE and Australia. No other building industry magazine in the United States does that. This emphasis on technology transfer is what keeps America’s leading housing executives reading every issue Automated Builder.

Following are some of the results of a study conducted on Automated Builder’s readership by the independent research company, Research USA, Inc., Chicago, IL. The results presented in summary, tables and graphs demonstrate what we mean by Automated Builder’s unique ability to communicate your message to the building industry..

If you need information on becoming an advertiser so you can tell your story directly to our decision-making readership and boost your sales, call us at 1-800-344-BLDR or e-mail info@automatedbuilder.com

Readership of Last Four Issues of Automated Builder

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Regular readers: 65.8%read 4 or more out of 4 issues


Number of Years a Reader

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AB Fast Facts

Average AB reader company firms build and sell:

685 homes per yr

Percentage of AB readers have received and read the magazine for over 40 years: 15.8%
Average sales volume of AB reader firms is: 81.7M
per yr
AB has about 2.6 readers per copy for a total of over: 64,300


Publication Which Provides the Best Coverage of New Technology in the Home & Apartment Building Industries

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Publication Which Provides the Best International Coverage

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AB Reader:
What is your title or position?

President/CEO 42.5%
Owner 31.7%
General Manager/District Manager 6.6%
Partner 1.8%
Vice President 9.6%
Chairman 1.2%
Other 6.6%
Total 100%


Purchasing Authority for Products and Services

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Actions Taken After Reading Advertising in Automated Builder


This survey reveals that Automated Builder offers the qualities of a very effective advertising vehicle. Both the regularity and the thoroughness of readership are high, as is the magazine’s average of 2.6 readers per copy.

Primary readers of Automated Builder represent top management, most of whom have purchasing authority. Actual purchases made by these readers each year confirm their importance to advertisers. The readers are also very responsive to advertising in Automated Builder, which can be seen by the fact that 78.% took some action after reading advertising in the publication within the past 18 months. Almost one-fourth (22%) actually purchased products or services based upon advertising in Automated Builder during this period.

Research USA Inc.

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Last modified: April 21, 2010