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Adobe Acrobat Reader

For non-industry subscribers see here.

This File is in PDF format. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer the file will come up, all you need to do is print, fill out completely then FAX or mail it back to us. If you dont have Adobe Acrobat Reader the file will download to your computer. You can then use the provided links to download Acrobat Reader for your system which you can use to view and print the file. Acrobat Reader is a free program and is a reliable industry standard.

If you connot access this form you can FAX a request for the form. Automated Builder FAX number 805-642-8820

Please use the following definitions to select your correct industry category on the form. Please select ONLY ONE which best describes your firm.


(10) OPEN OR CLOSED PANELIZED/PREFABRICATED OR PRE-CUT HOME MANUFACTURER. This type of company builds homes and/or home components inside one or more factories and usually sells homes through a network of builder/dealers. On occasion these companies might also sell direct to an end user. This category includes the following types of companies: wood frame panelizers; pre-cut manufacturers; log home manufacturers, dome home manufacturers; earth-sheltered home producers; steel frame panelizers; structural insulated panelizers (foam core); concrete panelizers; and retail building material establishments and mass merchandising chains which also function as panelizers as part of their business operations.
(20) HUD-CODE (MOBILE) HOME MANUFACTURERS. These companies build single and/or multi-section HUD-Code (mobile) homes built to comply with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development Manufactured Housing Construction & Safety Standards. Most of the sales are derived from HUD-Code homes built with an integral chassis as part of the floor system even though many units are placed on permanent foundations. Many of these companies also build commercial units.

(46) MODULAR HOME MANUFACTURERS. This type of company builds double or multi-section modular homes inside a factory. These homes, made in box-like sections, are usually 95% complete when they leave the factory. They are built to comply with one or more of the conventional building codes, such as BOCA, ICBO and SBBCI.


(26) OFFICE/COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL OR SPECIAL UNIT MANUFACTURER. These manufacturers build commercial modular or panelized structures inside a factory. They may be built as a self-contained, complete structure or with factory-made components such as roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels. While modular units are 95% complete when they leave the factory, the panelized units are assembled at the job site and final finish is applied there.

(30) PRODUCTION BUILDERS. Companies of this type are home builders with one or more factory made components such as roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels. Some companies build their own components. Either way, the majority of the interior finish work is done by the production builder and his subcontractors at the job site. Production builders usually sell their homes directly to the consumer rather than through as network of builder/dealers as is common for the panelized, HUD-Code and modular manufacturer.

(40) COMPONENT MANUFACTURERS OF ROOF AND/OR FLOOR TRUSSES, WALL PANELS, STAIRS AND OTHER COMPONENTS. These independent companies build components primarily for sale to on-site production builders or other companies in the home or apartment construction industry.





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Last modified: October 06, 2008